❗️Membership Pause Policy Update: What You Need To Know ❗️

❗️Membership Pause Policy Update: What You Need To Know ❗️
We value all of our customers and constantly strive to improve services that are delivered to them.

Academy Four Eleven will be implementing some necessary policy changes surrounding memberships. 
Some customers had found ways to exploit the rules within our previous policy.
✳️ Maximum Pause Period ✳️
  • 3 Months per year. (Free Of Charge)
  • Any additional weeks (after 3 months) that a client wishes to remain on pause will be charged an additional $5 per week.

Pause Notice Period

  • To pause a membership, clients are required to give 14 days notice prior to the pause commencing.

❇️ Minimum Pause Period ❇️


  • Clients are required to pause their membership for a minimum of 7 Days.
  • No you cannot pause for 1 day on the day of your debit! 😂

  • A 4-week notice period is required in the event of any cancellation.



  • As always, for any pause or cancellation request. It must be sent in email form, to: info@academy411.au
  • Please do not message coaches on personal social media handles or on private numbers to pause or cancel a membership.

Thank you for your understanding. 

As always; we are keen to hear from you. If you would like more information, or would simply like to discuss these policies; contact us!

We try to make our services fair and ethical. We appreciate all the support & love we have received from all our customers and recurring clients so far. We are excited for 2024! 🔥

Be sure to check out all of our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu membership options on the fees dropdown of our website.

⭐️See you for training this week! ⭐️
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