Full of Energy

Beginning his Grappling journey in late 2018. Raph brings many years of teaching experience going into 2024.

Studying full time Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, Raph found his love of BJJ through friends convincing him to start the martial art.
Starting off at a traditional Gracie gym - Raph moved around looking for experience and managed some of the biggest gyms in NSW.
Thus has an abundance of experience managing modern Jiu-Jitsu Academies. Opening Academy Four Eleven with Chris was a seamless transition. He has been Chris' student since he started at White Belt. Making both their classes cohesive and tie well together.

Raph speaks English, French and Spanish due to his international background and has an easy time connecting with visitors from all countries.

Off the mats, you will often see him hanging around the 411 Cafe, having a coffee with members, manning the front desk, running around the gym with his dog annoying his wife or mucking around with the kids after classes.

Raph also loves competing and has a great quantity of international experience, national titles and professional SuperFight performances. (see photo on left versus Daisy Fresh's Spatch)