Guest Coach We All Love

Jude Kean is a student of Keller Locke-Sodhi and currently trains out of Grappling Education in Kogarah.

Jude is currently another hot prospect in the Australian Jiu-Jitsu circuit. Undefeated in his Professional SuperFight record and an almost unbeaten run at competition as a blue belt.

Jude teaches Monday morning No-Gi, Friday evening No-Gi and Sunday classes at Academy 411. His classes are warm and laid-back. He is well-spoken and can cater to beginners as well as high level competitive athletes.

He has a plethora of experience teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at different high level gyms around Sydney.
Always smiling and having a laugh - off the mats you can be sure to find Jude chatting with the students and hanging back to help clients with troubleshooting.