Suspension / Cancellation Policy

Read below some rules regarding pausing or cancelling memberships.

These apply to all clients who are on a membership.

Read Our Policy FAQ Below 👇🏽

Any membership (except for pre-paid) is eligible to be put on hold.

No, unfortunately we do not allow pauses for 6 & 12 month pre paid memberships.

For a maximum period of up to 3 months in a calendar year.

Any additional weeks will incur an extra charge of $5 per week.


There is a 2 week notice period that needs to be provided to place a membership on hold.

This should be done via email sent to:


A membership must be placed on hold for a minimum of 7 Days.

Of Course!

We would be very sad to see you go however. 😢

Any membership is eligible for cancellation.

Please provide a cancellation request in writing to:


A minimum notice period of 4 weeks must be provided.

Any pause or cancellation request must be made in writing.

Please email:

Emails are checked daily - do not worry. We will respond with confirmation!